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"Krezol group" is a noticeable player in the market of Russia and the CIS countries, it specializes in deliveries of chemicals agents and the laboratory equipment, laboratory chemical glassware and laboratory furniture for industrial sector of economy since 1993.

Since 2006 "Krezol" renders oilfield services. Since our establishment the company gained reputation of the executive and fair supplier due to regular expansion of the range of the sold products, competent implementation of new technologies and also professional competence of the employees.

The Krezol company cooperates with large enterprises of oil, metallurgical, mining, defense, food, nuclear, energy, chemical, engineering industry and besides is a supplier of raw material for scientific research institutes.

Always in stock

We always keep stock of the most popular positions. We are always ready to rapidly deliver the chemical products ordered by you, as well as to provide timely professional advice on the issues that interest you.

Reliable deliveries

With our own fleet of vehicles and by cooperating with the largest cargo carriers, we are ready to supply you with chemical products in unlimited quantities anywhere in the world.

Favorable conditions

We offer our Clients a wide range of products and guarantee the highest quality at reasonable prices. We implement flexible pricing policy and are always ready to grant our Clients significant discounts and deferred payment system.

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Krezol company's activity is aimed at full supply of  chemical reagents, laboratory equipment, laboratory glassware and furniture.

The catalogue of the company contains more than 1000 chemical product items: state standart reference sample, standart titres, pH and filter paper, gas mixtures, acids and other.

Chemical products of the Russian producers and also other producers among which there are companies from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Spain are available on our website. The chemical products delivered by "Krezol" correspond to the Russian All-Union State Standart (GOST), RF Specifications (TU) and International standarts.

As a part of "Krezol", 2 laboratories are functioning, equipped with modern facilities and instrumentation of both local and foreign production.

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The Krezol Group proposes technological solutions on the following directions:

  • Oil recovery improvement and stimulation of gas production.
  • Well recovery and well injection capacity increase.
  • Water shutoff and well conformance control.
  • Squeeze cementing.
  • Formation damage minimizing well killing: bottomhole treatment, dewaxing of wells and other.
  • Removal and prevention of asphalt, resin, paraffin deposits.
  • Hydrofracturing.

Inhibitory protection by means of solvents of  asphalt, resin, paraffin deposits inhibitors, scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors. KR series acid compaunds manufactured by Krezol group are successfully applied on oil fields more than 5 years. twenty compound modifications for various types of wells, oil and downhole complications. Compounds are made of high-purity acids, surfactant and modifiers of foreign and domestic production.